African-American Austin Collections

Austin Bank Accounts: Freedmen’s Bank Records 1865-1874

After the Civil War, the U. S. Government set up banks so that former slaves (Freedmen) could deposit money from their work, services, or pensions.

Former Slaves in Native American Government Records

From the Dawes Commission Report produced by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, U. S. Department of the Interior Note that the right hand column in the list shows “F” for Freedman, or “FD” for Freedman Denied, who were denied benefits because they were of African descent with no Native blood or intermarriage with Native Americans.

Austin Slave Owners Listed in the 1860 Federal Census

Data from the 1860 U. S. Slave Census has been added to the 1860 U. S. Census records for the Southern States of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Montana.

African-American Austins Serving in the Union Army

Late in the Civil War, free African-Americans as well as slaves were permitted to enlist in the U. S. Army. Their units were designated as U. S. C. T. for United States Colored Troops.

African-American Austins Serving in the U.S. Navy

Austin African-Americans listed in the Muster Rolls of Ships during the Civil War Period.